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Spotify moves out of invite-only beta, offers six months of unlimited music


Spotify signed on as one of the leading musical partners at Facebook’s F8 conference yesterday. Users of the popular social media service will be able to listen to Spotify through their Facebook profile, which can share what you’re listening to with your Facebook friends.

Along with the Facebook-friendly announcement, Spotify has announced that they are opening up their service to the public and removing the monthly hour limitation for six full months to anyone who has a Facebook account. After six months, you’ll be limited to the traditional 10 hours per month free plan unless you sign up for one of their premium plans ($4.99 for no ads, $9.99 for mobile listening).

Unfortunately, unless you sign up for the premium service ($10 per month), you won’t be able to listen to Spotify on your Android device. In our initial runs with the Spotify Android app, we noticed songs loaded incredibly fast (much faster than Pandora, Slacker, etc.), even over a slower connection; though whether that is worth the hefty $10/month premium is up to you.

Anyone out there been using Spotify religiously since it launched? What do you guys think of the service? Is it worth shelling out $10 per month to listen on your Android device, or are you spending your hard earned money elsewhere?

Source: TechCrunch

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