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Android MegaPad shows us what a 23″ tablet might look like


Have you ever held a 10-inch Android tablet and wished for a bigger display? You know, something just a little wider to watch movies on? Android modder Martin Drashkov must have had that dream, because he built an Android device with a 23″ touchscreen.

He calls his creation the MegaPad, and it only cost him around $600 to build in his kitchen. Martin thinks the larger display will allow “simultaneous use by two users” and “open up new¬†possibilities that demand different apps.”

Unfortunately the MegaPad is not a portable device, but it does provide a preview of what future Android devices might look like. With new technologies like flexible displays, it might not be long before we see a desktop-sized display that could fit in your pocket.

What kinds of Android apps would you like to see on a touchscreen that big?

Source: Martin Drashkov

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