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Samsung outs T-Mobile Galaxy S II processor as 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm on Twitter

Galaxy S II T-Mobile glassbox

The jig is finally up. Ever since the Samsung event at the end of August, mystery has surrounded the innards of T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II variant. From the very beginning, leaks (and the Samsung Hercules) pointed toward a Qualcomm processor instead of Samsung’s in-house Exynos. Thanks to a tweet from Samsung’s Galaxy S Support Twitter account, it looks like that has been confirmed.

After a bit of harassment from a vehement fan, @GalaxySsupport blurted out, “The Samsung #GalaxyS2 comes with a 1.5 dual core Qualcomm APQ8060 processor.” That was over two hours ago now, and Samsung has yet to take it down. That’s usually a good sign. As far as any differences in previous rumors go, the only change is the clock speed. Most previous rumors pointed toward a 1.2 GHz 8060, not 1.5 Ghz. In a July 31 article from our own Taylor Wimberly, however, the inclusion of a new 1.5 GHz 8060 was mentioned as a distinct possibility. In that same article, the MDM8220 category 24 HSDPA modem processor was pegged as the radio inside.

Compatibility with the MDM8220 has widely become the accepted reasoning behind the decision to include a Qualcomm processor inside the Galaxy S II instead of Samsung’s own Exynos. The MDM8220 is capable of 42Mbps HSPA+. T-Mobile made a wise decision by choosing Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S3. The chip doesn’t suffer in power compared to Exynos (unless we’re talking GPU), and will offer a huge boost in network speed. Do you think T-Mobile made the right call, or should they have stuck with slower network speeds and a Exynos CPU?

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