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Rockstar Games announces Max Payne HD coming to mobile platforms (Android?)


Rockstar Games sent out a press release for their upcoming Max Payne 3 videogame that will be launching in 2012. In one of the closing paragraphs of the press release, Rockstar announced that they will be giving the original Max Payne game the HD treatment, and will be releasing the game for mobile devices.

For fans looking for a new way to enjoy the classic Max Payne , Rockstar Games is happy to announce that Max Payne will receive the full HD treatment for mobile devices. Available for the first time on mobile, Max Payne will have connectivity to the Rockstar Games Social Club and boast the same features as its PC counterparts -- including HD graphics and high-resolution textures that take advantage of the latest mobile technologies, including incredibly customizable controls and support for wired controllers.Rockstar GamesPress Release

Though there is no mention of which platform(s) Max Payne HD will support on launch, we believe that the game will in fact be coming to Android, perhaps to devices with NVIDIA’s Tegra2 and Kal-El processors. A few months ago, we showed you the graphical power Kal-El is capable of, and a full-fledged HD PC-caliber game coming to mobile will likely need the graphical prowess afforded by Kal-El. With Kal-El devices expected to come in Q4 2011, we wouldn’t be too surprised if this is first launched on Kal-El tablets.

The original Max Payne was a favorite of mine back in the day. I’ve fully played through the game no fewer than 3 times, and needless to say I’m excited to make it 4 once it launches on Android devices. That said, we don’t have a confirmed release date for Max Payne HD, though I’d put my money on Q1 2012, perhaps March to coincide with the release of Max Payne 3 for PC/PS3/Xbox360.

Who else out there is exited for this (hopefully I’m not the only gaming nerd out there)? Think it will come to Android? Is Kal-El the perfect platform for this? Sound off in the comments.

Source: Gamasutra

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