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UPDATE: This contest is closed. Please view the end of the article to see who won!

We’re back for week 3 of Editor’s Choice powered by NVIDIA Tegra, this time with a design-inspired prize pack curated by our resident illustrator extraordinaire, Angie. Up for grabs this week is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet, a Logitech Tablet Keyboard, a Logitech Tablet Mouse, an Alupen Touch Stylus and a Built neoprene messenger bag to haul it all around in.

Packing so many handy tools in a compact pack is perfect for the modern designer. Just ask Angie. She doesn’t want to give this prize pack away. And I don’t blame her. The Logitech Tablet Keyboard is one of my favorite accessories I’ve played with in a long time. Add in the mouse and stylus, and you’ve got quite the mobile art workstation.

IMG_2927 IMG_2928 IMG_2932 IMG_2933 IMG_2934 IMG_2935 IMG_2936 IMG_2941

How to win

In keeping with our theme of creative contests, this week we’re doing a t-shirt concept contest. To enter to win, all you’ve gotta do is submit an idea for a bitchin’ Android tee. You can draw it yourself, you can craft a terribly janky Photoshop, you can scrawl it out in MSpaint, hell, you can even just leave us a written description. Even if you don’t have an artistic bone in your body, take your best shot and share it as a comment on this post.

Here’s the best part: our favorite concept (as selected by the Android and Me staff) will be made into an actual tee. The winning concept is going to be passed to super-illustrator-turned-zombie Ray Frenden for the official And Me treatment. Then, at some point in the near future, we’ll debut it in a line of actual tees (which the winner will get for free, of course).

The Small Print

Since this contest deals with submitting ideas and/or art, we thought we’d toss in a short disclaimer to say that all submissions remain the property of the original artist. We aren’t here to permanently gobble up your creativity, we’re just looking for a winning concept by an artist who will give us one-time rights to use the concept on a t-shirt in exchange for the amazing prize pack. Deal? Good.

Also, since this isn’t carrier specific-hardware, this contest is open to all entrants, international or not. As long as you’ve got a clever idea, you’ve got a shot at this Tab.

Good luck and happy conceptualizing!

We’ll leave entries open through the weekend, closing submissions on Sunday night at 11:59 PM CST. We’ll try to pick a winner and make the announcement as soon after the deadline as possible.

As always, if you’d like to see more contests here, show some love to @NVIDIATegra over on Twitter. And while we’re on the subject of the Twitters, you can use the box below to share this contest:

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UPDATE: We have our winner! Congratulations to John and his idea to create a design out of a sea of Androids. He submitted the below image to give us an idea of the composition:

Like this, except more awesome

It was very hard to choose one out of all the of the many submissions we received, but we are all happy with the idea of a shirt that will highlight the idea of an Android community. Check out the gallery below to see the submissions that made it farthest in the judging process (Submitted by BRAAAIN, Jean M, Patricia Simoes, inhuman5000, Edward Pei, Michael C., Juan Raza, mimogear, Sean M, Keith Pinson, Yellow Ducati, Sylvain, and erikiksaz (in no particular order). Two others, AnthonyA and cristhian banales were also final contenders, but did not submit a mockup):

android-ace-inhuman5000 android-inside-MichaelC android-old-portrait-style-YellowDucati android-plastic-parts-frame-erikiksaz android-rainbow-KeithPinson androids-guns-mimogear android-skeleton-Edward Pei android-takeoff-JuanRaza android-with-desserts-jeanM Flying Androids-BRAAAIN vintage-android-SeanM zombie-android-PatriciaSimoes android-space-invaders-sylvain

We’re very excited to see how this is going to turn out after the talented Mr. Ray Frenden gets his hands on it. Keep a lookout on the site for updates on when this will be available for purchase. Please keep in mind that it will require quite a bit of time to finalize a design, and get everything taken care of with the printer, so it could be a few months. Thanks so much for everyone who participated! It was a lot of fun looking through your ideas.

Clark is a developer living in Austin, Texas. He runs ClarkLab, a small web firm with his wife, Angie. He's a big fan of usability, standards, and clean design.

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  1. FajitaPitaGuyGuest 4 years ago

    Ok, here’s my 3rd idea… how about Andy driving a steam roller over the Apple and Andy asks, “Apple sauce anyone?”

  2. FajitaPitaGuyGuest 4 years ago

    4th idea… have Andy looking like Uncle Sam in the picture of “We Need You”, but have it say, “Who needs You? Droid Does!”

  3. The t-shirt would look like a comic book with panels. The first one would be Android in the kitchen getting and apple off the counter. The second one would be him getting a glass out of the cupboard. The third panel would be him opening his head and tossing the apple in. In the forth panel his head would spin around and his body would be shaking. In the final panel he would spit the apple juice out into the glass. Just a quick idea I think would be funny on a tee.

  4. Keith PinsonGuest 4 years ago

    My 13 year old has been itching for an Android and of course his two younger brothers had to get in on this contest. So here are their entries submitted on Dad’s behave.

    There are 4 submission (reclick the link if 4 don’t load):

    Android Love,
    Groovin’ Andy,
    Android World,
    Android at the End of the Rainbow

  5. How about two androids and one cup any ideas?

  6. JustinGuest 4 years ago

    I’ve had two ideas so far:

    1. The android robot’s head peeking up over a wall with his hands on either side with the caption “android was here” (a play on the “Kilroy was here” meme). Variation: maybe a more fitting caption would be “android _is_ here” :-) It could even work without a caption; a lot of people would probably still recognize the reference. Here’s a simple mockup I threw together:

    2. The android robot and a generic “default avatar” silhouette posing for a photo with their arms around each other. A variation of this (just an idea — it might not work so well in certain cultures) could be with either the android, the person, or both, doing the “bunny ears” gesture behind the other’s head. Another possible variation would be to have the person giving a “thumbs up” sign to make the “portrait” seem a little more dynamic. Sorry, no mockup for this one… if I have time maybe I’ll try to make one tomorrow.

    • JustinGuest 4 years ago

      I just had another idea on the “Android and Me” theme: a person, probably a silhouette again, looking in a mirror, and their reflection in the mirror is the android robot. I’m not sure exactly how to depict a mirror or reflections on a t-shirt; there might need to be other things in the scene to show that there’s a reflective surface there. At the risk of sounding too unoriginal, maybe some desserts? An ice cream sandwich? :P

      But seriously, folks… yeah, something extra would be needed, I think, to show the reflections more clearly. It could be as simple as a floor surface and a frame for the mirror, and maybe some potted plants to add some understated class to the place (wherever it is).

  7. CanterrainGuest 4 years ago

    The android mascot, with one angel wing and a long thin sword (you know what FF character I’m getting at).

    And just below it, a trash can, and the other wing in red with a box, as though it were a widget being thrown away.

  8. EricGuest 4 years ago

    Dark grey background.
    Standard green Android, covering the front of the shirt with arms out to sleeves. No legs, as a shirt has no legs.The back of the shirt has the silhouette of the Android in the same green… same arm layout with a lack of legs.
    On the front of the shirt, inside the body of the Android: Google’s +1 button, replacing the “1″ with “me”
    The overall idea being “Android and me”!

  9. Andy icon

    on the back. Quite small, maybe across the shoulders.


    on the front. Quite large, oversized print, two words per line.

    What Can Yours Do means to me, as an iphone convert, that every Android user has their own setup and does what THEY want. Every other Galaxy S2 user I know has a completely different setup to me. That’s what I love about Android. My phone setup is great, what can yours do?

  10. emeraldjun@gmail.comGuest 4 years ago

    Just something I cooked up. Not exactly how I wanted it to come out. Was aiming for a more cartoonish, bold-lined, vibrant picture of the Android desserts on a plate, with the slogan “ANDROIDISH” under the plate.

  11. FajitaPitaGuyGuest 4 years ago

    5th idea, have Andy holding a bag, (Market icon) and saying, “Does my bag match my shirt?”

  12. Although not polished at all but made this for android and me =)!/Shahzeb_farrukh/status/117887918915334144/photo/1

  13. I am thinking of something like the pattern of the Google I/O 2011 Galaxy Tab back but in Honeycomb style blue and tinges of Android green.

  14. axionGuest 4 years ago

    A shirt with a print of the android guy but with a pedobear head and the line: “I heard you just turned 2.4″ beneath the “pedodroid”.
    (2.4 as in ice cream sandwich, if that is going to be the version number)


  15. i have an idea for a shirt a guy opening a refrigerater and the is a ice cream sandwich and a gingerbread and rotten apple the is deciding which one to get or a half fac of android and half face of person under it says android and me

  16. Rogue2204Guest 4 years ago

    There’s a couple I thought would be cool.

    1. An Android riding a shark eating an ice cream sandwich with fireworks in the background

    2. An android piloting an x-wing towards an apple shaped death start

  17. Andy OverbyGuest 4 years ago

    I Wanna Win!

  18. bobbykGuest 4 years ago
  19. My ideea is simple but nice .I love to wear a t-shirt like this :

  20. This is a poor realisation:
    As you can see I’m not a graphic designer :(

    Idea behind is very simple: make a droid starting from Uncle Sam’s “We want you” picture ( Do not forget to add “We want you” text.

    In hands of a good illustrator this idea can be pure gold :)

  21. FajitaPitaGuyGuest 4 years ago

    (6th one)… How about Andy wearing a fortune teller outfit with a crystal ball in front of him and in the crystal ball it shows droids helping people in the world somehow and below it all it says, “What a bright future we have ahead of us.”

  22. FajitaPitaGuyGuest 4 years ago

    (8) Have a few Andy’s spread out on the shirt and they’re all brushing lint or dust off, one is sewing a part of the shirt, another is maybe measuring the arms length… and it the shirt says, “My Droids make me look good.”

  23. Ok, my last ideas.

    1.- angry droids hehe. (there could be a bigger green andy pulling the rubber of the slingshot).

    2.- in the front of the shirt a serious andy saying (I have something to tell you), and in the back the same andy proposing marriage (on his knees and with an open ring case) but instead of the ring there will be a donut.

    3.- an android donut all around the bottom of the shirt (that way on any angle you can see an identify the donut), that would be the floor, then some android buddies should be walking on it like if they were lemmings, there can be obstaclles too like honeycombs, gingerbreads, cupcakes, froyos, ice cream sandwichs and all that stuf, the idea is to resemble lemmings and make it look like them but without loosing android’s identity.

    4.- in the front there is a running track with all the mobile O.S. running on it, then on the back andy, apple logo and windows mobile logo standing on a podium, android in 1st place, apple in 2nd and finnally windows in 3rd, andy is saying “we’re all winners, but I’m #1″

    5.- andy falling from the sky with an umbrella (just like Mary Poppins) and saying “I’m here to take care of you”.

    6.- some sort of disneyland, but it would be “ANDYLAND” where all the atractions games, etc. are things related to de android world, it can cover the front and the back, with different games on each side.

  24. Simple! Right on the front near the chest:

    Android Bits Version A:
    Android Bits Version B:

    This was a collaboration between me and my girlfriend. She provided the idea XDD Anyway the whole tee should be a gray hue:

    Android Spray Paint:

    Bit of a description for this one. Star wars quote alert! My boss and I collaborated on this one. (He provided the idea, I did the dirty work). The 4 droid lineup for the back of the tee should come up to the lower half of the tee. Black underneath the green line, hue of gray above. The front will be black.

    Android Alert Front:
    Android Alert Back:

    All these were created by me! I used a 3d modeling program called cinema 4d as well as a bit of GIMP for the spray paint tee.

  25. 1. Andy Android drinking an Energy Drink with the Ingredients label showing names or widgets of wifi, browser, map, camera, market, etc… Andy’s body like a container filling with the green energy drink. Half his body can be white or any color and the green drink sloshing around as he fills up. Name of Energy Drink could be Infinite Android / Infinite symbol Android.

    2. Andy Android with a watering can watering a garden. Andy’s antennas poking out of the dirt and little Andy water drops falling out of the spout of the watering can.

    3. Andy Android stabbing two big powerful looking wires/tubes into the shoulder or chest area. Have green liquid flowing thru the wires/tubes. Words “Powered by Android!”

    4. Andy Android next to a broken mold. Words “Breaking the Mold”

    5. Andy Android with arms crossed. Words “AND”

    6. Andy Android throwing something into a recycling bin. Words “Keep it Green”

    7. Andy Android with playing/trading cards. On the cards all the different upgrades on them. Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream, etc… Use pictures and words.

  26. Had an idea relating to the competition:

    What other than a dual core Nvidia Tegra would you find inside Andy? ; )
    You can add more stuff too:

    Figured I’d leave it in the capable hands of Ray Frenden to perfect the concept. Hope you guys like it!

    //Johan Ribbing

    If it helps I also have them in .ai-files:


    “Honeycomb Thoughts”

    Andy reminiscing on his past reincarnations through a honeycomb thought bubble.

  28. Here’s a couple more =) .
    1. A game board of (Scrabble or Word with Friends) Android word down and Os off the o from Android. The letter and word multiplier spaces are replaced with Widgets of different apps.

    2. A Chess Board with Android Andy styled game pieces Vs another Os ie.. Apple ;)

    Good Luck to everyone I saw A lot of good concepts. =)
    And Thank You Android and Me and NVIDIATegra for giving us this chance to win cool gear and express ourselves. ANDROID!!!!!!!

  29. My idea would be the Android robot coding. Basically a black T-shirt with a silhouette of the android typing on a stylized computer of the same green colour as the android. The rest of the T-shirt is covered in actual android code as a background.

  30. This concept t-shirt is in conjunction with the android updates, I wanted to create something that looked fun and creative but that had meaning at the same time. I picked the signature green to signify growth within the company.

    As you can see the current and pass updates are orbiting around the android icon. This shows how important the bot is in this piece.

    P.S. I hope this is what you guys are looking for good day : D !

    • S RussellGuest 4 years ago

      Thats super cool. Bet implementation of that idea i’ve seen.

  31. Here are my ideas. I´ve posted them, but it doesn´t apear, so I´m going to post it again.

    The first is just for man.

  32. Well i my concept is more of a metropolis background with androids as everyday people for example in the following pic i drew there is a baby which is dressed like a cupcake, a little android toddler that has a donut on his shirt an older one with an eclair, a teen looking girl with what i tried to draw a froyo theme to her dress the father of them is a gingerbread theme clothing and an honeycomb bussiness man, then an important figure which has a icecream sandwhich suit, i tried to incorporate a android community based on the deveopment over time.!/Zeratoda1/media/slideshow?

    • the pic can be edited im not an expert but it was just rough draft of what i was thinking

  33. Zack TuckerGuest 4 years ago

    Check out this rockin’ t-design:

  34. Sean MGuest 4 years ago

    Here’s my idea. Something like a vintage Android logo to kind of give it that old vintage look.

  35. Guns ablazin, Ultimate Android!:
    Android Machine Gun Duo (normal text):
    Android Machine Gun Duo (metal gear text):

    Perfect balance!:
    Android Does:

    Refreshed “Android inside”:
    Android Inside:

    Think of this as Android as the center of technology:
    Android Satellite:

    Android Blastoff:

    Written ideas:
    1. Some what of a mixture between DNA and Chemistry diagrams with Android integrated within.
    2. Having colored square dots along the spine (back of shirt of course) with same colored circuits travelling to Android posing on the front.
    3.Utility belt android.
    4. Android in the all so famous Davinchi 3 legged, 3 armed man diagram.

  36. Jorge RodriguezGuest 4 years ago

    This is my very amateur rendition of what I envisioned.

    Pretty much its andy at the grocery store and he has to choose from “fruits” Apples, Blackberries, and Mangos. But he decides that he likes the sweets that are the Android Software versions.

  37. Choo Cheng FeiGuest 4 years ago

    The T-shirt in white, a green Andy jumping down in a ninja-almost style, karate-chopping a torn up newspaper with a judge holding an apple….!

  38. Choo Cheng FeiGuest 4 years ago

    T-shirt in dark grey, in green lines/shading, Andy stepping on an apple on one leg, looking all cool, and arm folded on it’s knee, holding a rock on the other hand, looking as if he’s been eating a rock. (the rock to be shaped as if Apple’s logo of a chewed corner).

    A tagline reads “I’d rather eat rock!” or “Rock tastes better”….

  39. Jorge RodriguezGuest 4 years ago

    Dropbox wasn’t working so i used tinypic

  40. Since Android represents freedom in the OS world and the American Eagle represents freedom. It would be cool to have Android guy “Andy” and an eagle together. It would be awesome because I’ve never seen it before and I’m sure Ray will can do one bad ass job with an eagle. Maybe like have the eagle sitting on his arm or have the eagle carrying Andy across the sky or have Andy flying next to the eagle. Or it could be like the eagle with an apple in its talons or something awesome like that.

  41. Here’s another one, I want to play with the idea of a marriage between a human and a android, but I don’t know very much of english to make a funny sentence.

  42. shawnGuest 4 years ago

    Andy the Android setting on a throne made of HP web-OS Tablets, with his feet resting on a foot stool made of windows phones. While eating an Apple that looks like the Apple logo. Put it on any color shirt you want.

  43. Entry 1:

    The basic premise of this shirt is to show the absolute dominance of Android over Windows ad iOS. The front shows Andy tearing thru a city in which all the building’s windows are Windows logos (I didnt have time to do ALL of the windows, but you get the point). The back of the shirt is an apple with green goo dripping off it. This is meant to symbolize the bite apple has taken from Android. Its also meant to be a parody of actual apple employee shirts, which have a logo in the back

    Entry 2:

    The point of this shirt is to show a techie’s recommended nutritional intake, buy using the old school food pyramid, but replaced with Android OS flavors. I was planning to put the Apple logo at the top in the sugars section (which is supposed to be “used sparingly” but I didnt wanna confuse anyone who is unfamiliar with the pyramid and might think that I was saying Apple was dominant by placing it on top.

    Good luck everyone, regardless of winner, I hope we can all scrore some kickass shirts!

  44. SantiGuest 4 years ago

    Apologies if someone has already posted this. This is a take on the whole forbidden fruit/adam and eve story.

    The setting is the garden of eden. In the background is the forbidden fruit tree but all of the fruits have fallen on the ground so the tree is bare. Adam and Eve are at the base of the tree looking scared and holding each other. In the front is the android man smiling confidently with the snake drapped around his neck. He is holding an ice cream sandwich and the snake is about ready to take a bite. The caption says “Join the dark side…We have ice cream sandwich”

  45. Leonard GonzalezGuest 4 years ago

    Since the next version of android after ice cream will probably be called jelly(bean) i thought i’d be nice to jellify the android, this is a rough looking design, i hate the result because i have 0 knowledge using photoshop, i just hope you can image how it would like:

  46. so my little bro android enthusist in the making wanted me to submit his pic and he describes his concept to which is an android war between all carriers, oems, and name brands!/Zeratoda1/media/slideshow?