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First set of Google+ APIs released; third-party Google+ apps coming soon


Ever since Google+ was first released, developers have been waiting for their chance to use the service in new and exciting ways. Back in August, a small sampling of devs were granted access to the code necessary for testing third-party Google+ applications. As announced today, all eager developers will finally get their shot at testing the waters.

Google has made a small sampling of code public for all developers to play around with. In the words of Google, “this initial API release is focused on public data only–it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+.” Some examples of the actions this release will allow you to perform include obtaining profile information and pulling up a list of most recent public posts.

Google says it will be working hard to release more code as time goes on. For right now, developers are reporting success with the initial release. This is a great sign of things to come. All the third-party social networking apps available now that allow for Twitter and Facebook integration will soon be able to incorporate Google+ as well. TweetDeck, Plume, FourSquare; the list goes on.

Developers, have you had a chance to look things over? What do you think? And consumers, what kind of apps are you excited to see gain Google+ compatibility?

Source: Google

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