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Is Qualcomm losing their strongman grip on HTC?


Could you imagine an HTC smartphone launching early next year powered by NVIDIA’s cinco-core Kal-El? We normally think of HTC as joined at the hip with Qualcomm, since the overwhelming majority of their devices use a Snapdragon processor. But the Taiwanese handset maker might finally be ready to dance with a new partner.

In an interview with GSMArena, HTC’s VP of Marekting Stefan Streit said they have a long and successful partnership with Qualcomm but “no exclusivity deal.” When asked about other semiconductor partners, Mr. Streit said “Nvidia or TI-powered smartphones and tablets are possible in the future.”

Qualcomm made a minority equity investment in HTC back in 2001, and we have always wondered how close the two companies were. HTC has primarily stuck with Qualcomm solutions in their devices and has been rewarded with the latest access to new Snapdragon processors.

Rumors of HTC and NVIDIA working together on a device go all the way back to 2009. HTC was said to be working on one of the first Tegra-powered devices, but rumor has it Qualcomm was unhappy about the deal and used their leverage to kill the project.

Now it seems HTC has grown enough to start sourcing their application processors from different vendors. Just this week, HTC and ST-Ericsson announced the Sensation Z710t for China Mobile, powered by ST-Ericsson’s new Nova A9500 dual-core processor.

Hopefully we’ll see this trend continue, and HTC will go after the best available application processor. I know I would certainly love to see an HTC smartphone with a quad-core processor in early 2012.

Via: GSMArena

Source: ST-Ericsson

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