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Rumor: Amazon to release a 10.1-inch tablet in 2011?


We’ve suggested for a while now that Amazon is working on a family of Android devices for 2011/2012: a phone, 7-inch tablet and 10-inch tablet–all rumored to be released sometime in Q4 2011.  While the super-cheap Kindle Fire is set to lead the way in sales this holiday season, it appears Amazon is secretly working on at least one of the other devices.

Hot on the heels of the Kindle Fire 7-inch tablet announcement, Digitimes is reporting that Amazon is looking to partner with Foxconn to produce a 10.1-inch tablet for distribution in time for the holiday season. As tends to happen with these rumors based on “industry sources,” we have almost no information on the 10.1-inch Kindle, other than the fact that Amazon might be working on it.

One Android Insider’s Take on the Rumor

We know several of you are holding out on purchasing a tablet until the 10-inch models hit around the $300 price point (something that wouldn’t be too hard for Amazon to meet, given the $199 price-tag on the Kindle Fire). Since Amazon was only able to deliver the sub-$200 price on the Kindle Fire because of the heavy integration with Amazon’s cloud services, we expect that the 10-inch model will feature the same heavily customized Android skin that several of our readers bemoaned in order to hit the sub-$300 price point.

Might this be the quad-core project Hollywood? It’s certainly too soon to tell. But we’re highly skeptical that this device will have Tegra inside, considering Amazon decided to go with the TI OMAP chip in the Kindle Fire. That being said, NVIDIA’s Kal-El chip is the only quad-core chip rumored to make its way into devices in 2011, so it’s still a possibility.

All things considered, we believe it’s very possible that Amazon will deliver a 10-inch tablet in 2011. Kindle’s VP Russ Grandinette told Engadget to “stay tuned” when asked if they would be launching a larger slate.

Final Thoughts

Several of our readers are interested in a larger form factor tablet but are waiting for the price to be right before taking the plunge. Amazon is probably the company to make it happen, since they have enough money-making services to justify discounting hardware to the point of affordability. Based on that alone, we certainly hope Amazon is able to get a 10.1-inch tablet out the door by Christmas.

Of course, hope can only go so far, and it’s simply too soon to tell whether there’s any meat to this rumor. If the rumor is true, we’ll likely learn more about the slate in the next month or so.

Stay tuned.

Via: Cnet

Source: Digitimes

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