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Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab 7.7 not coming to US?


If you’re like me, you were probably starting to salivate over two devices announced by Samsung yesterday at the IFA show in Berlin. According to TechCrunch, one of Samsung’s representatives at the IFA show all but confirmed that the 5.3″ Galaxy Note Phablet and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 will not be making their way stateside.

These two devices were arguably the hottest devices to be announced at IFA, and many Android and Me readers (and several AAM staffers) suggested they were really looking forward to these devices when we covered them yesterday.

The one promising factor is that the representatives at trade shows generally don’t really know much about the future plans for devices launched at these shows. Often times when we’ve asked representatives from manufacturers about the release plans for devices, they either don’t know or can’t tell us any details.

Though we hold out a bit of hope that the representative was wrong and that these devices will truly be coming to the US eventually, the chances are much slimmer than they were yesterday. Sadly, it looks like we’ll have to wait for whatever device Samsung dreams up next.

Anyone else hugely disappointed by this?

Source: TechCrunch

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