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Too good to be true: HTC Thunderbolt update temporarily suspended


After waiting more than half a year, the Thunderbolt community rejoiced upon hearing that a Gingerbread update was finally ready. Of course, this was after many rumored dates and delays, but the HTC Thunderbolt was finally getting Android 2.3.

People were very skeptical about this and didn’t know whether to believe HTC or not. The changelog showed up, and yes, the update started rolling out. It was a dream come true. But with the luck Thunderbolt owners have, things didn’t last long. Sadly, the update has be suspended due to a voicemail bug.

Wireless and Mobile News reported that Verizon reached out to them about the topic. This is what Big Red has to say:

It has come to the attention of Verizon Wireless and HTC that customers using the Thunderbolt by HTC have experienced a voicemail notification error with the recent software update. As a result, the update has been temporarily suspended while the companies work together to resolve the issue. Verizon Wireless and HTC anticipate the update being available soon; customers will be notified directly on their devices when it is ready for download.Albert AydinVerizon Spokesperson

It seems this is not the only problem, though. Users have also reported problems with the camera, HTC Sense, Google Talk and other features. They have also reported way better battery life, though, as well as a few other improvements.

Those of you who managed to get the update, tell us what you’ve noticed. The rest of the Thunderbolt community will, again, have to wait until the update is available. Verizon and HTC “anticipate the update to be coming soon.” Hmmm, sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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Source: Wireless and Mobile News

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