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Video: Google Wallet available soon; who’s signing up? (Update)


We’ve been patiently waiting for the release of Google Wallet since its announcement in May. While we haven’t been talking much about it lately, this service is always present in the back of our minds. And it seems the wait is almost over; the service should be available anytime now.

Google recently released a commercial for Google Wallet[1] called “Our First Google Wallet Customer.” (The lucky individual happens to be George Constanza from the show Seinfeld). When advertisements start showing up, it means it’s probably time to get ready for action. We’ve posted the video below for your enjoyment, so check it out.

Yesterday, a leaked document[2] suggested Google Wallet was to be released today, September 19. (Click on the thumbnail to see full image). We were holding our thoughts until we had more details, but it seems this rumor is true. Google Wallet has been released, but it’s not available just yet. You can, however, sign up for updates at the official site.

If this wasn’t enough to get your fingers tickling, the following image[3] will definitely get you going. Notifications, the official site and commercials are fun, but when you start seeing payment options that support Google Wallet in the wild, things get much more enticing.

Ian Kennedy from GigaOM was roaming the streets of San Francisco when he felt the craving for some caffeine. He ran into this  at Peet’s Coffee. A Google Wallet supported NFC machine, ready for business. It must have been frustrating to not be able to use it just yet.

This little machine’s mere presence means this service could very well become available soon. Maybe even today. You should definitely stay tuned for more information on Google Wallet. Of course, the only NFC-enabled device is still the Samsung Nexus S, but Google did promise to release NFC stickers to place in devices.

For now, let’s continue being patient as we wait for this service to be fully released. Who’s hoping to be able to pay with Android devices? Are you guys signing up for this?


It is finally arriving! Sprint Samsung Nexus S 4G have started to receive Google Wallet via the latest OTA update. This would be software update version GWK74, and it includes Google Wallet on-board, along with some security fixes.

If you have not received the update yet, just sit tight and wait for the notification to show up. This OTA update is being pushed to users with the latest software (GRJ90), so go ahead and update if you are still on a previous version. To check your version, simply do the following:

Check the Software Version on Your Mobile Device

  • Press the Home button > Menu button .
  • Touch Settings > About phone
  • The Build number shows the current software version on your mobile device.

Note: If your current software version is GRJ90, you will receive a network notification for the GWK74 software update.

Let us know when you get it, and of course, how it is working. What will be the first thing you will be purchasing with your device?


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