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Video: TouchPad Android port enables WiFi, accelerometer, Market and sound

HP Touchpad Android

The day you’ll be able to get a fully functional Android port up and running on your HP TouchPad is fast approaching. The Cyanogen Team still has a few kinks to work out here and there, but the latest video shows off working audio, accelerometer, WiFi, Android Market, YouTube within the browser and even Angry Birds. While audio is working better than it did on previous builds, the CM Team is classifying audio support as a work-in-progress, since they’re only able to get audio working on a single core.

There’s still no word on when CM’s code will be made available to the general public with a straightforward installation process. But at the rate development has been progressing, we expect it could be released as soon as mid-October.  A slice of Gingerbread should be exciting for anyone who owns the HP TouchPad; however, what we’re really looking forward to is a full port of Ice Cream Sandwich, once Google releases the code this fall.

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