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Adobe debuts new Touch Apps; Photoshop Touch leads the way

photoshop touch

Today at Adobe MAX, the company announced the next steps for their insanely popular photo editing software Photoshop: an Android version of the application, called Photoshop Touch.

Featuring a ton of touch- and tablet-optimized controls, Adobe Photoshop Touch aims to be your one-stop-shop for photo editing on touchscreen devices. Currently in production for Android tablets, Photoshop Touch possesses both well-known and upcoming features that amateurs and professionals alike will be able to take full advantage of. Not only will Photoshop Touch bring layers and filter brushes to tablets, but you’ll also be able to utilize any built-in camera for things like fills, custom selection tools, edge aware painting, edge refinement, color adjustment, text, Photoshop-compatible file formats and an abundance of social integrations.

You can select photos to edit from Facebook and upload them to back to the service where you can view comments from inside the Photoshop app. There’s also integration with Google Image search and Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to upload your work from your tablet and make additional changes through Photoshop CS5.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Photoshop Touch is the price. It’s only going to cost $9.99.

Photoshop Touch isn’t the only Adobe Touch application in the works, but right now it’s playing center stage. Adobe Debut, Proto, Collage, Ideas and Kuler will all be released for Android at just $9.99 in the near future. No exact release date has been made public, but it shouldn’t be long now.

You can find more Photoshop Touch videos here.

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