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Video: Samsung Galaxy Nexus caught on film


Google has done an incredible job of keeping the next Nexus device, now being referred to as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, under wraps. Information on what the device will look like and the components inside have found their way online, but we’ve yet to see much more than what Google or Samsung have left us with. Until early this Friday morning.

Some pictures and a video of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been posted on the Romanian site Gadget.ro. Hardware wise, the device seems to match up well with what we’ve been hearing for quite some time now. There’s no capacitive buttons on the front of the Galaxy Nexus and the curved display has carried over from the Nexus S. The picture also confirms the metal bezel on the front of the device. Unfortunately, Mobilissimo, another site hosting the leak, says the body is made of brown plastic that just feels like metal. They say the battery cover is identical to the Galaxy S II. Software wise, things are quite different than what we’ve seen before.

We’ve been hearing that previously leaked pictures of Ice Cream Sandwich are quite outdated now. This video certainly confirms that. The UI in the video from Gadget.ro looks much more like Honeycomb than previous leaks. The notification bar, camera, search box, launcher, lock screen and even some icons appear to be totally different. There are a ton of smooth animations and transitions as well.

Also of interest from Gadget.ro, confirmation of BGR’s rumored specs sheet. According to the post containing the pictures and video, the Galaxy Nexus will launch with an OMAP 4460 at 1.2 GHz, 4.65-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a 5 megapixel camera, LTE (or HSPA) and 1750 mAh battery at just 9mm thick.

What do you say? Is “Tuna” (the model number listed in the screen shots below) the Nexus you’ve been waiting for? Now that you’ve seen it, anything you’d change?

Via: BGR

Source: Gadget.ro

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