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Dell chooses Windows 8 over Android for their next round of tablets


Dell Inc.’s founder and CEO Michael Dell has announced that the company is betting the farm on Microsoft’s Windows 8 for its future tablets in hopes of dethroning Apple’s iPad2. Mr. Dell stated that the market for Android devices has not developed as they had hoped.

Android is certainly another opportunity as well, but that market has not developed to the expectations they would have had.Michael DellDell, inc.

Though I think Mr. Dell is correct when it comes to the tablet market, Android is clearly dominating in the mobile arena, having pulled well ahead of iOS and Windows Phone 7/7.5 in recent months. Windows Phone has specifically struggled to gain a strong footing in the market thus far, a trend they are hoping to remedy with the recent WP7.5 “Mango” upgrade for smartphones and the upcoming Windows 8 for tablets.

It’s strange, tho not necessarily unexpected, that Dell is speaking out so loudly against Android. Dell has completely failed to impress with it’s Dell Streak line of tablets and smartphones, though most would agree that Dell’s struggles have been primarily due to their hardware and not a fundamental flaw in Android’s operating system. (The Tegra-2 Dell Streak 7 we played with at CES was atrocious, with an abysmal viewing angle and an overlay to Android that nobody at T-Mobile’s press event seemed to like). If Mr. Dell is looking at sales numbers for Dell’s Android devices alone, it’s easy to see why they might want a change in business strategy.

All joking about Dell aside, I don’t think their new tablet strategy is necessarily a bad one. I have spoken with several friends and colleagues, many of whom own and love their Android smartphones, about what they’re looking for in a tablet. The strong majority of those I spoke with specifically mentioned that they wanted a device that would fully replace their laptops and wanted the comfort of a full-fledged Microsoft Windows operating system to power the device.

I’m curious to hear what you readers think about Android vs. iOS vs. Windows 8 when it comes to tablets.

  1. If you’ve already purchased a tablet, what kind of tablet do you have? Does it meet all of your computing needs?
  2. If you’ve yet to purchase a tablet device, which tablet operating system would you likely prefer? Why?
Drop a note in the comments with your thoughts on these questions and/or the tablet market in general.

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