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Google+ lands several new features; trending topics, analytics, photo editing and more


Google has just announced several new features rolling out now to Google+ users everywhere. Not only has Google added a trending topics feature known as What’s Hot, but they’ve also added a built-in photo editor and Google+ Ripples, a “visualization tool for public shares and comments.”

What’s Hot

What’s Hot is one feature that Google+ has been sorely lacking for some time now. Real time searches and hashtag support have helped display popular content for any specific area, but what if you just want to see the most popular posts on Google+ in general? That’s what What’s Hot is for. Now built into your main stream and viewable as its own circle, What’s Hot will display popular posts that are receiving a lot of +1s and comments. Google has clearly spent a lot of time on What’s Hot. It’s very smooth, there doesn’t appear to be any duplicate content, and there’s a wide variety of posts listed. To check out What’s Hot on Google+, just scroll down in your timeline and look for the What’s Hot box, or use the What’s Hot link under your circles in the left sidebar.

Google+ Ripples

Analytics buffs are going to love Google+ Ripples. Ever wonder about the history of a shared post? How did it get so many shares? And who originally propelled it? Google+ Ripples is a handy tool that can be used with any shared public post on Google+. Let’s say there’s a post with 300 shares and you’d like to see how it got so popular. If you use the drop down menu in the top right corner of the post, you can select Ripples. From there, a new tab will pop up that displays a diagram of who shared the post and when. You can zoom in on the diagram and click around for more details as well. Near the bottom of the Ripples page is a timeline that shows the spread of the post, along with some handy statistics.

Google+ Creative Kit

Google+ Creative Kit is Google’s response to the simple photo editing trend made popular by apps like Instagram and PicSay. Once a picture is uploaded to Google+, you can click the edit button to bring up Creative Kit. From there, you can crop, rotate, auto-fix and add any number of vintage filters to give your photos some extra charm. Right now, there’s also some Halloween effects you can add to your photos to celebrate the holiday.

It’s also worth noting that Google has finally opened up Google+ for Google Apps users. If you get a chance to give any of Google+’s new features a shot, be sure to come back here and let us know what you think.

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