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Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich widgets show Google’s attention to detail


Android Police was handed a couple awesome screenshots over the weekend of some widget improvements rumored to be in the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich update. A few of the core Android system widgets (namely Gmail, Email and Calendar) are getting significantly redesigned widgets, inspired by those found in Honeycomb.

All images courtesy of Android Police.


The Gmail widget looks really nice and polished, and marks a vast improvement over the widget found in current Android phones. It also looks a bit slicker than the Honeycomb version.


Enterprise Android users rely on the email application to keep up on their work email. The email widget was redesigned to look almost exactly like the gmail widget.


The calendar widget as it exists today is just one big blue box with a couple appointments on it. It’s simply not pleasing on the eyes at all, and once I saw the calendar widget on Honeycomb, I wanted it on my phone. Fortunately, Google again took the widget from Honeycomb and improved on it a bit in Ice Cream Sandwich. The new widget looks great.

Final Thoughts

It looks as though Ice Cream Sandwich is coming together quite nicely. Google has done some great work enhancing the user experience. We’ve got just over 24 hours now before Google takes the wraps off Ice Cream Sandwich at their event in Hong Kong. Taylor and Clark will have some post-announcement coverage on RadioAndroid with the folks from RadioAndroid and AndroidActivist.

Source: Android Police

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