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NVIDIA Tegra 3 video leaks out

3 years ago 21

Surprise. It looks like NVIDIA will be going with Tegra 3 as the name of their quad-core processor they had been referring to as Kal-El. We first saw this next-generation processor back in February. I got overly excited when we were told that quad-core Android tablets would appear around August, but it’s now October and we are still waiting.

ASUS has been rumored to have the first Kal-El device with their upcoming Transformer 2, which we expected to go on sale in November for $499. We just witnessed a lackluster CTIA where ASUS could have easily stole the show with a Transformer 2 showing, but maybe they decided to wait for the AsiaD conference like Google.

We know that ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih will be appearing at the Hong Kong event along with Google’s Andy Rubin and Samsung EVP Dr. Won-Pyo Hong. Google has told us that the next version of Android will unify the smartphone and tablet code bases, so it’s possible that we could see a second Ice Cream Sandwich device in addition to the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Is Jonney Shih announcing the Tegra-3-powered Transformer 2 tonight at Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich event or is NVIDIA trying to take advantage of tonight’s announcement with their own surprise? Developing…

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