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Verizon makes changes to privacy policy, makes you opt-out


On today’s episode of “Who’s using my personal data for corporate gain?” we have Verizon Wireless, who announced some changes to their privacy policy yesterday. With this change, Verizon will now begin storing your device’s location, as well as web sites you visit while connected to their network, and will use that information to both serve you more customized advertisements and for Verizon’s internal marketing and business reports. Additionally, this information may be shared with outside companies.

It is important to note that no personally-identifying information will be shared. Neither Verizon nor anyone Verizon shares this information with will know that Joe Schmoe accessed Hustler in Cheyenne, Wyoming–only that the website was accessed and was accessed from Cheyenne.

Though it’s not a new concept that companies can access and store your device’s location information (Google does it too), what really rubs me the wrong way about this announcement is that users are opted-in by default, and you’ll have to opt-out if you don’t want Verizon to have access to this information.

I personally feel that if companies want to access my personal information, they should ask me about it first (i.e., I have to opt-in for them to have access). I usually have no problem letting companies access some of my information, but I get angry when they decide I should share this without consulting me first.

Fortunately, opting out of this service is fairly simple. Just go to verizonwireless.com/myprivacy, click a few checkboxes where it says “Don’t use my information,” and you should be all set. For more information about the move, head over to Verizon’s Privacy Policy website.

What do you guys think about Verizon’s move? Are you with me that all privacy concerns should require users to opt-in by default, or am I just being a nervous nellie?

Source: ComputerWorld

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