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Gartner’s Q3 report shows Android doubled market share in one year; iOS, BlackBerry, WindowsPhone all down


Gartner has just released their latest research report on smartphone operating system market share after Q3, and the numbers are surprising.

In just one year, Android’s market share has doubled from 25.3% to the current 52.5% share of the total market. Without even comparing those numbers to how rival companies fared, owning half of all market share is astonishing. In Q3 2010 over 20 million Android devices were sold. This year that number tripled to 60 million. Much of Android’s growth can be attributed to the growth of the market overall, along with Android’s wide availability, but a fair share came from its competitors.

Nearly every major operating system has slipped in market share since Q3 2010. That includes Nokia’s Symbian (16.9%), Apple’s iOS (15%), RIM BlackBerry (11%), Microsoft’s WindowsPhone (1.5%) and everyone else lumped into the “others” category (0.9%). The only platform other than Android with numbers on the rise is Samsung’s Bada OS, up to 2.2% from 1.1% last year. According to Gartner, that means Bada has a higher market share than Microsoft, who has sought out alternative ways to profit from the smartphone industry.

These numbers will all surely change once Q4 is over and done, but don’t expect much¬†fluctuation. There’s no way anyone could totally put a stop to the kind of momentum Android has gained. It’ll be interesting to see how the iPhone 4S, Mango and RIM’s latest BlackBerry affect Android’s market share.

Via: Cnet

Source: Gartner

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