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Hackers crack Apple’s feature of the year; Siri headed to Android soon?


Apple’s device of the year was announced last month. Most were not amazed with the iPhone 4S specs (or design), but the majority of improvements were made to the software. iOS offered many new features for Apple fans. (Which, by the way, are old features for Android fans). Notifications, iCloud and other features made Apple’s new device much better, but one feature was meant to be a “Google Killer.”

Siri is exclusive to the iPhone 4S; not even other iOS 5 devices can take advantage of it (yet). It’s basically meant for voice command and is suppossed to be superior to any other voice command application out there. Or at least they claim, since it’s actually not too impressive when put head to head against Android’s native voice command feature.

Regardless, this is Apple’s secret weapon to take over the smartphone world, and they’ve been protecting it very dearly. Apparently not well enough, though. Paris-based firm Applidium claims to have cracked this open and revealed it to the world. This means any developer can write an application for Android (or any device) and cook Siri’s outstanding functionality into it.

Applidium went through a great deal of trouble to achieve this. Even their “brief” explanation can be confusing at times for most readers. This is mostly due to the fact that Siri runs online. They had to deal with Apple’s servers and see how the device communicates with them. Applidium explains how everything was done in their blog post, and they also offer a collection of tools for understanding the protocol.

Hit the source link to see how the guys from Applidium managed to take Apple’s weapon. If you’re a developer, you might want to work something out for us! We’re sure Apple is not happy about this. They’ll definitely try to block this method every way they can. What do you guys think, though? Do we even want Siri in our Android devices? I know I don’t need it.

Via: Forbes

Source: Applidium

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