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HTC Edge could launch as early as April, may not be first Tegra 3 handset to market

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New details about the HTC Edge have surfaced, indicating that HTC’s first quad-core powered phone may launch in April or May of 2012. The new release timeframe falls in line with HTC’s typical spring product cycle for handsets which make their debut at Mobile World Congress in February.

While we initially speculated that HTC may be the first out the door with a Tegra 3 powered phone, we could see competitors like Motorola, LG or even Samsung beat HTC to the punch since they each typically unveil at least one next-gen phone at CES, putting their handset launch cycles slightly ahead of HTC.

Even if the HTC Edge is not the first quad-core Tegra 3 phone to hit the market, there’s no denying that it will be a game changer for HTC. In the past HTC has partnered closely with Qualcomm, but the late launch of Qaulcomm’s dual-core S3 chip forced HTC to be one of the last Android manufacturers to release dual-core powered devices.  Recent numbers show that HTC performed very well over this year, but we expect HTC wants to stay in step with the competition next year in order to improve its market share even more.

Most of the HTC Edge’s rumored specs are still holding up, but some new details point out that the phone’s thickness could be reduced to 8.8mm and the 4.7-inch 720p S-LCD 2 display will be optically laminated, which bonds the panel to the fascia glass to improve visibility.

What’s your take on the rumored HTC Edge? Is HTC’s choice to equip the HTC Edge with a Tegra 3 chip the right move to keep up with the competition?

Source: Slash Gear

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