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Google’s ten-cent specials for Day 2

android app giveaway

Yesterday, Google kicked off their ten-day long celebration of hitting the 10 billion mark for total apps downloaded by giving away 10 premium applications for 10 cents a piece. Over the next 9 days, Google will be offering a total of 90 more applications (10 per day) for the same 10 cent price.

Though Google hasn’t yet updated their list for toady’s deals, several developers from today’s sale have already reduced their prices. We’ll update the list as we learn of all the apps (brownie points if you discover the other two). Today’s list, so far:

If any of these titles interest you, and you haven’t purchased them already, you may want to head over to the market using the links above. If you haven’t yet managed to score yesterday’s applications, they can still be had for a limited time, but we expect they’ll increase in price later on today.

Via: EuroDroid

Source: Kareosma

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