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All signs point towards Galaxy Nexus release date of Dec. 9, but still nothing official


Most of us are sick of all the rumored release dates for Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus, but all the stars are aligning around a December 9th launch for a price of $299 with 2-year contract. Just last week we were told the Galaxy Nexus pre-orders would start November 29th and the device would launch on December 8th, but now a new pair of leaks appear to agree that Friday, December 9th is the big day.

First we have Eric Ravenscraft of RootzWiki who posted several internal documents from an authorized retailer (appears to be Best Buy) that states stores will receive shipments of the Galaxy Nexus today, December 6th, and employees are not allowed to display or sell them until December 9th. The note also says that each store will receive a minimum of 15 units.

Next we have Terrence O’Brien of Engadget who posted an internal email sent to Verizon employees. We already know that retail units are making their way to Verizon stores, but the note states that in-store marketing material will arrive on December 8th. The source says that merchandise will be rolled out after stores close on the 8th and the Galaxy Nexus will go on sale the 9th.

The official price is still expected to be $299 with 2-year contract, as reported by the Wall St. Journal and many other sites. This price is for the 32 GB model and we don’t know yet if Verizon plans to also sell a 16 GB model at a later date.

You would expect Verizon would send out some kind of press release with the launch this close, but that still hasn’t happened. For all we know there might not be a press release or pre-order program and the devices could just go on sale the morning of December 9th.

Whatever happens, I’m likely going to wait in line at Verizon this Friday morning. I’ve long bean a T-Mobile customer, but I’m off contract with them and I also have a Verizon line for my 4G LTE modem. T-Mobile has been great to me, but their future is still uncertain and I’m in need of a network with greater coverage area when I travel for work.

Hopefully Google or Samsung will release some more information about the unlocked GSM version of the Galaxy Nexus after the Verizon version goes on sale. No details have been shared on how long Verizon has an exclusive on the Galaxy Nexus in the US, but hopefully we will see the unlocked GSM version appear in retail stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack in the coming weeks.

Is anyone else planning a switch to Verizon for the Galaxy Nexus or will you continue to wait in hopes of an official version for AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile?

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