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Amazon Kindle Fire sale continues, free 2-day shipping for Christmas delivery


The Amazon Kindle Fire was released 11 weeks ago, but sales have continued to remain strong. Early estimates show the Kindle Fire had already become the best selling Android tablet this quarter with around 3.9 million units shipped, but we expect final sales for the year to be much higher. Last week Amazon announced they had sold well over 1 million Kindle devices for the 3rd week in a row, with the Kindle Fire being the bestselling, most gifted, and most wished for product on their site.

We’ve had our hands-on the Kindle Fire for just over a month and found it to be the best Android tablet for the price. Even though it doesn’t include Google’s Android Market, Amazon still offers their own competitive Appstore and a content ecosystem that few can match. I’ll admit the Kindle Fire might not be appealing to someone who’s already owned a larger Honeycomb tablet, but its simple user interface is great for beginners and it makes an affordable gift for a family member.

Hackers have also adopted the Kindle Fire, with several ports of Android 4.0  and CyanogenMod appearing weeks after the device shipped.

Today Amazon announced free 2-day shipping on the entire Kindle Family and committed to delivery before Christmas for customers who order by 8 pm PT on December 21. This includes the $199 Kindle Fire, $99 Kindle Touch, and $79 Kindle.

Thanks to the strong sales of the low-priced Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet, Google’s Android OS is expected to capture 40% of the tablet market this quarter, dropping Apple to 59%. Amazon is predicted to own half the tablet market next year, which will further boost Android’s numbers.

How many of you have gifted the Kindle Fire for a friend or family member?

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