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Google releases factory image for HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus; puts ROM flashers at ease


It’s been said many times before that Nexus series devices are the bee’s knees, thanks to just how fast they receive updates and the latest features directly from Google. But for some buyers, they could care less what software updates Google provides for their device; it’s all about the Android community. Nexus phones are notoriously easy to hack. The Galaxy Nexus is no exception. And now, thanks to Google, the Galaxy Nexus will also be incredibly easy to restore.

Announced today on the Android Building Google Groups page, a complete factory image for the Galaxy Nexus has been released that includes the bootloader, baseband and the rest of the system. You can unarchive the package once downloaded and get a look at everything included individually, but there’s really no need. A handy “flash-all” script has been added that, when used, flashes everything you need to get your phone back to its factory state.

With all the ROMs being released and the experimenting being done, today’s factory image release will certainly be helpful. Jean-Baptiste M. “JBQ” Queru, Software Engineer for the Android Open-Source Project, said “hopefully this’ll be useful to people flashing custom AOSP builds, as it provides a clean supported way to return to factory state.” Indeed it will.

To download the factory image, and for details on the release, visit the Android Building Google Groups page.

Source: Google

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