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Google teases Android 4.0 on the Motorola Xoom


Want a quick sneak peek of Android 4.0 running on Verizon’s Motorola Xoom? Google just released a new carousel view for browsing image results on a tablet and we can clearly see the Verizon Xoom running a test build of Ice Cream Sandwich. Motorola already confirmed that the Xoom would receive a software update to Android 4.0, but they have yet to release the timing.

We are still waiting to see which device will be the first to receive an update to Android 4.0, but the Xoom should be at the top of the short list since it was a Google Experience Device. Samsung’s Nexus S is the other device that we think could be one of the first, but Google has not released a target date for that update either.

As Motorola detailed yesterday there are many steps a manufacture must go through before they can finally release the software upgrade to customers. However, since the Motorola Xoom and Samsung Nexus S lack any of the custom UI skins of most Android devices, we expect them to be upgraded a couple months earlier than the competition.

Via: Google Mobile Blog

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