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HTC to focus less on quantity, more on quality in 2012


Will 2012 finally be the year we see manufacturers take a deep breath and slow down for a minute? As far as HTC is concerned, it’s starting to look that way.

According to a report from BGR’s Jonathan Geller, HTC is in the process of making a shift in how they’ll release phones from now on. He says that, overall, we should expect to see less handsets released from HTC in 2012. And the ones that are released will have an emphasis on quality. HTC’s current strategy of releasing incremental hardware updates every couple months may finally be at an end.

Flooding the market with a wide range of handsets has worked well for HTC. They are currently the number one manufacturer in the US, but that could change before they know it. Both Samsung and Apple have seen huge leaps in success thanks to a one-device-a-year policy. The iPhone and Galaxy S series both see one major update every year. And both handsets set the standard for what their operating system represents.

Of course Samsung doesn’t just release one device a year. But they do release one flagship device every year. If anything, HTC should head in this direction. If the rumored specs on a device like the HTC Edge are correct, they wouldn’t need to produce another handset in 2012. Aluminum uni-body design, 4.7-inch 720p HD S-LCD 2 with optical lamination, 8MP backside-illuminated 1080p camera, 32GB of storage, NFC and a NVIDIA Tegra 3? I can’t imagine hardware will evolve enough in 2012 to trump that.

As HTC has traditionally used CES and MWC to showcase flagship handsets in the past, it won’t be long now until we can get a good idea of what HTC plans to do next year. What do you think HTC should do? Is their current model fine, or would you prefer to see them slow it down a bit and bang out some really killer devices?

Source: BGR

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