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Transformer Prime now shipping from select retailers, will reach normal inventory levels in 2012

3 years ago 82

As previously expected the ASUS Transformer Prime has now begun shipping from select retailers, but a number of pre-orders have been delayed ’til next year. We received quite a few reports from customers who pre-ordered on Amazon, saying their shipment was delayed till January 25. Others are saying they received shipment notifications from Amazon over the weekend.

ASUS released a statement about the Transformer Prime inventories which said, “We will reach normal inventory levels in January for the North American market based on current orders and forecasts. Based on forecasted supply schedules to our valued partners we expect pre-order allocation fulfillment to occur shortly and online or in-store availability in the very near future.”

Amazon has re-opened orders for the Transformer Prime in both colors, 32 GB for $499 and 64 GB for $599, so that’s a good sign that more are on the way. Earlier this month Amazon had to actually cancel some pre-orders when they couldn’t meet demand.

If you were one of the lucky few who had their order shipped, let us know in the comments below.