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Face Unlock now possible for Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich users


Nexus S users are currently enjoying their update to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. The new UI and features are awesome, but there is one little thing last year’s Nexus was missing – Face Unlock.

While some consider Face Unlock to be a gimmick, others find it to be one of the coolest features in ICS. It was only a matter of time before developers were able to make this feature possible for the Nexus S. Some members of the Android Central Forums have gone ahead and snatched Face Unlock from the Galaxy Nexus and created a ROM for all the brave flashers out there.

As always, there is the accustomed disclaimer. These are AOSP custom ROMs, and flashing such may void your warranty and/or affect your device’s functionality. Those brave users who choose to go this route do so assuming all responsibility. The ROMs are not perfect (just like all others) as there could be some bugs. Don’t forget to follow instructions well and read everything before proceeding.

If you still want to unlock your device à la Science fiction, go ahead and get the ROM files from the Android Central Forums. There is a version available for both the GSM (T-Mobile) and the Sprint version – so everyone is covered. Links are right below.

Get the ROM for the Sprint Nexus S 4G.

Get the ROM for the GSM Nexus S.

Are you guys flashing one of these ROMs? Let us know how it goes! Happy Holidays!

Via: Android Central

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