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What Android gift did you get for Christmas?


Christmas is here! We’re sure most of you got some pretty amazing gifts this year, but since we’re all about Android, we’re really curious about all those Android gifts you gave or received this year. The only Android related gift under the tree for me this year was a new SanDisk 32GB microSD card for my T-Mobile G2. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do with all the extra storage (I’m currently using an 8GB card), but I’m sure I’ll have it all used up in just a few weeks. My brother was the lucky recipient of an HTC EVO 3D and my mother in-law is one of the millions of new Kindle Fire users (her very first Android device).

A few of our team member were kind enough to share their Android Christmas stories with us as well.

Clark: I got my parents a Nest learning thermostat, which recently released an Android app. My dirty secret is that I really wanted the Nest for myself, but I knew for a fact that parents tinker with the thermostat more than I ever would. My dad was pretty intrigued; my mom doesn’t even have a smartphone. Maybe this will finally push her over the edge.

Dustin: My family doesn’t buy me anything for my phone because I change it so often. And they can never keep up with what accessories I have and don’t have. Last year I did get a Google Chrome and Team Android shirt though. My entire extended family got a Kindle Fire one way or another. I got my girlfriend an EVO View 4G because it was the same price as a Kindle Fire, but comes with two cameras, GPS, access to the real Android Market and it was just updated to Honeycomb.

So, what Android gift did you get/give this year?

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