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Nuance releases Dragon Go! voice recognition app for Android

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Nuance has a long history of working with high-quality voice recognition and input technology for mobile devices. Not only is Nuance the backbone of services like Apple’s widely praised Siri, they also provide their own products. Dragon Go! is just one of those products, and today it’s finally available for free on the Android Market.

So just what is Dragon Go! and how does it work? Essentially, Dragon Go! is a virtual assistant-type app. By using natural language recognition, Dragon is able to provide you with an answer or result for just about anything you can ask it. Want to make reservations for a certain restaurant? Simply tell Dragon Go!, “Make reservations for the Oak Room at 9 tonight.” Dragon will then display information from Open Table, which is available in the Dragon app (along with any other app you could need), where you can confirm your date.

While searches and requests are displayed in the built-in software Dragon determines are the most relevant to what you say, you can choose between a ton of apps if you’d like more info. For example, when you search for something like, “the new Hobbit movie,” Google search is the default information displayed. But by using a horizontal list of movable tabs, you can view information from Wikipedia, IMDB, YouTube… the list goes on.

In my personal experience, Dragon Go! is the most accurate and useful voice recognition software I’ve ever used. And it’s only going to get better. Nuance has recently acquired Vlingo, so not only will they have more talented developers working for them, but they’ll have more data with which to improve their products.

To try Nuance’s Dragon Go! voice recognition app for Android, use the download widget below. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.


Source: Android Police

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