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Galaxy Nexus officially coming to Sprint, LTE radios in tow


Last week, a published then quickly pulled ad on Cnet’s site indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be Sprint’s flagship LTE device. Since companies generally don’t create ads for products that don’t (or won’t) exist, we were pretty confident Sprint would be getting the Galaxy Nexus in the coming months.

Today, Sprint has a new 4G LTE landing page up on its website that proudly features Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Sprint’s version will only feature 16GB of on-device storage, rather than the 32GB model found on Verizon’s network. (UPDATE: Sprint just sent us an email that their page is wrong, and their device will have 32GB). This move is likely to keep the device’s price below the $200 mark, a price point Sprint has been reluctant to cross. Sprint also chose to include Google Wallet, a service Verizon has blocked from their variant.

LTE won’t be live in any markets until the middle of this year, so we have a hard time believing we’ll see the Galaxy Nexus launch on Sprint before the second quarter at the earliest. We’ve reached out to Sprint for comment, but haven’t heard back as of press time. Still, we’re excited that the best Android phone out there will make it to more than just Verizon’s network.

Are all you Sprint customers out there excited for the Galaxy Nexus to come to your network?

Source: Android Central

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