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Global survey says 70% of consumers want a device like the Samsung Galaxy Note


With all the Galaxy Note news going around today, one might wonder exactly how many people think a 5.3-inch quasi-tablet and advanced stylus is the right device for them. Well according to a global study performed by Samsung, 70% of consumers are looking for a device that can offer the same functions and features as the Galaxy Note.

Samsung recently performed a survey that included 5,000 people across 10 nations. When consumers were asked if they’d “like to carry one device that included a real writing experience,” Samsung gathered that over 70% would. Some of the more interesting use case preferences include:

  • Both men and women in all regions agreed/strongly agreed that carrying multiple devices to meet their mobile needs while on the go is a burden.
  • Both genders responded that a device with handwriting-type functionality would help to lighten their load. If given the opportunity to replicate the experience of using pen and paper on a mobile device, 64.6ï¼… would stop carrying a pen and paper.
  • Globally, 75.7ï¼… of respondents stated they would like the ability to hand-write sharable notes directly on images, maps, documents or websites using a smartphone; this figure was especially high in Asia (84.3ï¼…), leading to the assumption that the need for handwriting may be higher for Asian-language speaking consumers due to the unique characters.

Answers on what consumers would actually do with a Galaxy Note-type device varied from logging engineering designs and taking notes to sending personalized messages and drawings to family members while away on business trips.

After seeing Samsung’s numbers, we have to ask: Do you have a spot for a smartphone/tablet that reproduces a pen-and-paper-like experience in your life? Is the Galaxy Note your kind of device? Let us know by participating in the poll found below.

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