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MetroPCS partners with Samsung, MCV to bring live TV to your phone

Samsung Prototype for MetroPCS with Dyle TV

MetroPCS announced two new 4G LTE devices yesterday, but they had something perhaps even more interesting at their booth at the Pepcom media event last night.

So what’s so special about this phone? Well Samsung has added an extendable antenna to this Galaxy S class phone that allows you to tune in to live, over-the-air TV using the pre-installed Dyle app.

According to Mobile Content Venture (MCV), they will have the service available from 72 stations live in 32 markets at launch. Channels will be fairly limited at the outset; the rep mentioned Los Angeles, for example, would have 6 channels available. Dyle does have some powerful partners though in Fox, ION and NBC, so hopefully they will be able to help Dyle bring others on board soon after launch.

Live TV on a mobile device is something that has been experimented with in the US for several years now. You may remember the most recent victim, FLO TV from Qualcomm, that shuttered a couple years ago now. These services are common and quite popular in many Asian countries, but no one has been able to figure out how to get it done in North America to date. Time will tell if Dyle TV has finally hit on the recipe for success.

No word on pricing for the handset. They could only say that the device was being targeted for release this year. They also stressed that the handset we saw was purely a prototype, so it’s possible we would see something more along the lines of the Galaxy S II by the time it actually makes it to market for MetroPCS.

I’m guessing that most of you wouldn’t buy a phone solely for this feature, but it could be a nice added value if they put it in some of their higher end handsets.

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