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Hands-on: Coby Android 4.0 tablets to cost $100-$300, but probably not worth it

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Affordable tablets are the boom lately, and Coby is trying to take a shot at this specific market. These tablets are definitely not high-end, but even at their low price they seem a bit expensive compared to other affordable devices out there. Not to mention that the specs are not very impressive.

These tablets are available in a variety of versions. There are two 7-inch versions, as well as an 8-inch and 9.7-inch version. Coby has more tablets coming, but these are the only ones we were able to see at CES.

These Ice Cream Sandwich tablets come with a 1GHz processor, 1 GB of RAM and 4-8 GB of internal storage, depending on the version of the tablet. They do run Android 4.0.1, but the experience is nothing compared to a Tegra 3 tablet (or even Tegra 2). ASUS is soon to release a Tegra 3 tablet for $250, and it will blow any of these out of the water. To be honest, the experience is nothing compared even to other single-core devices like the HTC Flyer.

The tablets are not very responsive and are very buggy. Granted, these are pre-production models, so the final product should be much better. (At least we hope so).

If you’re looking for an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet, these devices range from $100 to $300 and will be released this coming April. You might want to consider your options before making a move, though.

Would anyone be willing to shell out about $300 for a Coby 10-inch tablet? If not, which one — if any — would you rather get?

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