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Swype updated with Android 4.0 and Galaxy Nexus compatibility


Back in early February, the Swype Twitter account announced an update to the ever-popular alternative keyboard would be coming soon. At the time, Swype didn’t say what the update would include. I reached out to them on Twitter for more details, and they confirmed that the update planned would indeed include Android 4.0 support. Today, that update has finally been made available.

Of all the alternative keyboards to ever grace Android, Swype is undoubtedly the most popular. Instead of pressing each individual key to spell out words, Swype allows you to touch on the first letter of the word you’re spelling, and swipe your fingers through the letters in the rest of the word. Once you reach the last letter, lift your finger and voila, that’s all there is too it.

Hacked versions of Swype for Android 4.0 have been around ever since Ice Cream Sandwich was first made available to the masses. Unfortunately, the hacked versions of Swype have never really been bug free. The main purpose of today’s update to Swype is to get the keyboard fully functional on Android 4.0 and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

The latest version of Swype also includes downloadable languages for tablets, accuracy improvements and add-ons for DragonGo!.

To download Swype for your device, head on over to the Swype beta website and follow the instructions provided.

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Source: Swype

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