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Unity powered Portal clone leaves us begging for more

companion cube Image via: Android Police

Of all the video games to come out in the last five years, Portal might just be one of the best. If you’ve never played the game, it’s an absolute must. It’s won a ton of awards, and thanks to its immense popularity, has been made available for Windows, OSX, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Unfortunately, the game has never gone mobile. But with today’s high-end Android hardware and game engines, it’s possible right? Yes. And there’s even a proof-of-concept clone to prove it.

Android Police‘s David Ruddock recently got his hands on a proof-of-concept Portal clone for Android. According to David, the clone not only works, but does so impressively well. Controls are functional, and graphics are great. David says that there’s not a whole lot to play right now, and one of the most important aspects of the game, the portals themselves, aren’t fully functional, but it’s enough to leave us excited for the future of Android gaming.

If a group of Russian software developers can build their own Portal clone in their free time, the day when Android is included as a normal launch platform for high-quality games can’t be far off. Right now, there’s several app developers pushing Android to its limits. As great as that is, we’d love to see the next Call of Duty, Battlefield, Portal, Fallout or any other high-end game launch on Android right along with Xbox, PC and PS3. The quality of today’s Portal clone let’s us know it’s possible.

C’mon Valve, we know you have the resources, Android users want to think with portals too.

Source: Android Police

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