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uTorrent client coming soon to an Android device near you


Torrent remote controllers, applications that give you access to various torrent clients on your PC from your Android device, are nothing new. However, a bona fide torrent client for Android is. Imagine being able to download and seed any and all types of files directly from your Android device. It may seem a little far fetched right now, but with a uTorrent client in the works for Android, it’s about to become a reality.

As Android inches closer to desktop replacement territory with hardware like the Transformer and software like Ubuntu for Android, traditional desktop apps well suited for post-PC devices are set to evolve at a rapid pace. Photoshop is one application that has made the transition with ease.

Photoshop Touch has set the standard for just how well desktop applications can work on post-PC devices. Advanced photo editing is well suited for the experience a tablet offers. For some who have replaced their laptop with a Transformer Prime, not having the ability to edit photos with their mobile computer would be a deal breaker. The same goes for torrenting.

Plenty of people rely on torrents for legitimate file sharing (not just pirating) all over the world. A complete uTorrent app for Android would likely push millions of users towards tablets and phones that can run the app.

If Google really wants to see Android hit the next stage of evolution, they need to push for software developers like BitTorrent, the folks behind uTorrent, to make applications for Android. Apple’s iPad may have a leg up on Android when it comes to app selection right now, but Android’s open market and flexibility gives it a huge advantage when it comes to which platform is best suited to make a smooth transition from desktop to mobile.

BitTorrent has gone on the record to say there’s no ETA for uTorrent for Android.

Source: TorrentFreak

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