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Verizon’s double data promo returns this Friday

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This Friday, Verizon is bringing back their popular double-data promotion that gives users double the data allowance for the same price. The deal, along with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, was the primary reason I switched over to Verizon from T-Mobile last year and I’ve been extremely happy with the service so far.

Verizon currently offers three tiers of data - 2 gigabytes for $30, 5 gigabytes for $50 and 10 gigabytes for $80. With the special promotion, subscribers will get 4 gigabytes for $30, 10 gigabytes for $50 and 20 gigabytes for $80.

The Galaxy Nexus normally retails for $299 with 2-year agreement, but we just spotted a deal where Amazon once again has the Galaxy Nexus at $99 for new customers. I believe that Amazon Wireless honors Verizon’s promotions, so it would be an extra sweet deal to combine these two offers on Friday.

Roger Cheng of CNET is also reporting that Verizon will also offer buy-one-get-one free on the Droid RAZR ($99) and Droid RAZR MAXX ($199) this Friday. That’s the same day that the Droid 4 launches, so we might see that device as part of the promotion too.

Verizon is one of the most expensive carriers around, but I think the price is deserved since they offer the fastest and largest 4G LTE network. It’s not for everyone, but if you need a super-fast network connection then I’d give Verizon a look.

Their early LTE devices like the HTC Thunderbolt suffered from short battery life, but newer devices like the Droid RAZR MAXX (3,300 mAh battery) and Galaxy Nexus (2100 mAh extended battery for $25) offer battery life that can last all day. For those that are concerned with a metered data plan, Android 4.0 adds new controls for managing network data usage.

The majority of our fans tend to agree that Verizon offers the best Android experience, since they voted the carrier as their favorite in our first Android Bowl. If you have any concerns or questions about switching to Verizon, just ask in the comments below and our community will help answer them.


Source: LA Times

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