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Fox News’ Shepard Smith rants on AT&T “unlimited” plans

3 years ago 84

AT&T announced last year that they would start throttling the devices for their top 5% of data consumers, but the complaints keep coming in. AT&T has tried to justify this practice, but it’s clear they are trying to inconvenience subscribers who are on grandfathered unlimited plans, so they switch over to newer metered plans.

Cameron Summerson of Android Police spotted a video of Fox News’ Sheppard Smith that clearly shows the frustration that a percentage of AT&T customers are feeling. On his show this week Smith responded to AT&T by saying, “Remember the contract? And now the word is, we are going to charge you more. Your system is no good and you fibbed to me and I don’t appreciate it.”

The days of unlimited plans are nearing an end, but some carriers like Sprint and MetroPCS still offer truly unlimited plans to differentiate their service. I’m glad that the unlimited option still exists for those that want it, but I wonder how long they can keep it up.

I’ve never been an AT&T customer, but I understand how it must suck to sign a contract and then have the terms changed on you later.

Do you think we are being too hard on AT&T? What would you say if you were forced to give up your grandfathered unlimited data and switch to a metered plan?

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