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Full Android Bowl results: Verizon is the top carrier, Samsung top manufacturer


The dust has finally settled after the big day and we’re finally ready to announce the results of the first annual Android Bowl. We asked you, over the course of a week, to log in and choose your preferred carrier and manufacturer.

To sweeten the pot, we paired with @NVIDIATegra to give away three Transformer Prime tablets, along with the keyboard charging docks. The winners of those tablets have been announced already, but this post is about the data. Check out the chart that follows then join me down below for some play-by-play.

While the results weren’t exactly shocking, we had fun watching you guys pick teams and stir up trouble. Almost 1,800 of you showed up to play, leaving comments and sending out tweets for your favorite Android brands.

The carrier rankings were dominated by the big four American carriers, with no other single carrier even breaking 25 players. All of the other choices from our list added up to a 5th place showing, while some of you didn’t exactly fit into our categories (we currently have US, UK, CAN, and AUS).

Manufacturers were even less diverse, with most of the votes falling into just three brands, with Samsung clearly dominating. Is it the amount of products they launch? Or something more special?

One fun stat was that the players from team ASUS had the highest average rank, something I’d attribute to the Transformer Prime currently only being in the hands of an elite group of power nerds.

We had a blast and plan to be back next year with something even bigger and better. Of course if you don’t want to wait a year, you could just stay tuned for something else, as we’ve got a bunch of other giveaways coming up soon.

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