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Rumor: LG in the running for the next Nexus Device


LG is in talks with Google to be the handset maker chosen to make the next Nexus device, according to a CNet report over the weekend. Being selected as the lead manufacturer for a Nexus device would give LG early access to the next great iteration of Android, as well as the bragging rights that come with it.

Samsung has been chosen for the two most recent Nexus releases: the Nexus S – 2.3 Gingerbread (and Nexus S 4G), and the Galaxy Nexus – Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. If LG is granted the next Nexus device, they’ll be the lead for Android 5.0 (or 4.5, or 4.1), with a rumored codename of Jelly Bean.

LG has quite the uphill battle ahead of it if it is to become the next Nexus, however. Samsung has made huge strides in 2011, selling a staggering 300 million cell phones in 2011 and continually finding itself fighting with HTC and Apple for the top-selling smartphone brand in the U.S. Also in the running is Motorola Mobility, which Google is in the process of acquiring. Google has committed on multiple occasions to not play favorites with Motorola, though we have a hard time seeing how Google wouldn’t play favorites with itself.

If nothing else, Google’s takeover of Motorola will dilute at least one perk of being selected for the Nexus line – having early access to the next iteration of Android. We anticipate that Motorola engineers will be working alongside Google’s software team post-acquisition, and will play a leading role in furthering the Android platform.

We don’t know how serious LG is being taken as a candidate for the next Nexus, as they’ve had some QA problems with previous smartphones, and they’re a staunch proponent of Android custom skins despite putting out a skin that most people love to hate. Still, LG has shown some promise with their Optimus 4X HD superphone in Barcelona this week, which is perhaps a sign that the company is hoping to turn their fortunes around and make a name for themselves in the smartphone market.

Do you want to see LG make the next Nexus device, or are you turned off by their track record?

Source: Cnet

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