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Samsung asks iPhone users, “Can your phone do this?”


Samsung marketing executive Younghee Lee recently said she wants consumers to be “obsessed with the company and its products.” The ironic thing is that her company Samsung is obsessed with Apple and its iPhone. In a new series of web videos called Street Challenge, Samsung once again goes after iPhone users and asks them if their phone can do things the Galaxy Note can.

Compared to Samsung’s Super Bowl ad, this clip actually does a good job of highlighting the unique features of the Note’s S-Pen and showcases some real examples of what it can do. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Speaking of the Super Bowl ad, Samsung has actually been uploading a bunch of awesome videos for the Galaxy Note. The first 60-second clip below would have probably cost about $10 million less to produce than their 90-second ad, and it does a much better job of showing off the product.

So, anyone pick up the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note yet?

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