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Saturday Night Live explains the 4Gs and the LTEs in Verizon ad parody

3 years ago 32

Sure, we tech loving folk live in a world comprised largely of acronyms, and we don’t bat an eye at a commercial touting 4G LTE. But what does that look or sound like to the average buyer? SNL took it upon themselves to give us a glimpse into just that in this mock Verizon 4G LTE ad.

They did appear to do at least some of their homework (if watching some commercials can count as homework) on this one, as they hit a number of real points Verizon uses in their commercials and in the store.

Before anyone freaks out, I don’t think we should be inferring from this that a 4G version of the LG Vortex is coming. And I don’t think Motorola has any plans to change from the “normal” spelling of Droid Xyboard.

I won’t spoil it any further for you, but you can call out any favorite moments or let us know how you would improve the sketch in the comments below.