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Sprint: If we give you $100, then will you stay?


Despite the promise of LTE right on the horizon, a slew of some of the best Android phones available, the iPhone 4S and some pretty cheap plans, Sprint isn’t doing so well. Their numbers have been slipping for quite some time now, with potential and former customers flocking to Verizon and AT&T in droves. Do Hesse and company have a long term plan in order to turn things around? Maybe, but we’re not seeing yet. For now, their best bet is bribery.

In order to keep customers from switching carriers, particularly those who are at a high risk of leaving, Sprint will be issuing $25, $50 and $100 discounts on handset upgrades with a two-year contract. The exact discount depends on the model. The promotion runs from February 5th to March 18th, and customers who are eligible for the discount will be notified via email or snail mail.

While this doesn’t fix the recent spike in network problems Sprint customers have been faced with, at least Sprint isn’t sitting back, digging their grave already. Although I have a feeling that if anyone is seriously ready to switch carriers, a $100 discount will do little to dissuade them. If you were looking to jump ship, would a discount on your next phone purchase get you to sign another two-year contract?

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Source: SprintFeed

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