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MIT launches Android App Inventor to all with a Google account

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Google’s App Inventor took the world by storm when it launched back in July of 2010. The WYSIWYG app inventor allowed users with no programming knowledge to create applications using drag-and-drop blocks that specified your application’s behavior. Our own Clark Wimberly took App Inventor for a ride back in August 2010, creating a basic Twitter client to demonstrate what app inventor can do.

Sadly, App Inventor was killed off by Google only a year later, but open-sourced the platform so someone else could roll with it and support it in a way Google no longer wanted to do. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) stepped up to the plate with significant monetary support from Google, created the MIT Center for Mobile Learning, and began readying App Inventor  to release to the public.

Today, MIT made App Inventor publicly available to anyone with a Google account. Budding developers who want to create the next great Android application can head over to the MIT site, enter your Google account information, and begin putting the puzzle pieces together to your heart’s content. Never used App Inventor before? MIT has a slew of tutorials available for you to read through before you get started.

Anyone out there planning to check out App Inventor with hopes of creating the next great Android app? Let us know in the comments. Happy coding!

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Source: MIT

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