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Video: webOS’ Carbon bringing a bit of flair to Twitter for Android


Let’s face it: the official Twitter for Android app is only decent at best. Thankfully, there’s always been alternatives. From the glory days of Twicca, to the transition of Touiteur into Plume, third-party Twitter apps have stolen the show from day one. We’re always on the lookout for new Twitter clients, but things have been quiet for quite some time now. Until today, that is, when a demo video for Carbon for Android found its way online.

Carbon isn’t exactly new to the Twitter scene, but they are new to Android. Originally released as a webOS application, Carbon has made the jump to Windows Phone, and now the development team behind the app has Android in their sights. So just makes Carbon any different from the rest of the third-party Twitter client mafia?

The first thing that pops out from the demo video is the smooth gesture based UI. By swiping left and right, you can navigate through different layers of Twitter, only needing a few touches here and there to completely master the app. There’s a ton of flashy animations to accompany swipes that make the app look genuinely fun to use.

And there’s how Carbon for Android looks. It looks native. Like it belongs on Android. The official Twitter app for Android is made to work on multiple OSes. There’s practically nothing in the app made specifically for Android. Carbon not only features Android’s default on-screen menu button and blue highlights, it even uses the same blue circle from the notification window for a horizontal sliding info shade. It looks impressive to say the least.

There’s no release date for Carbon yet (or price), but the developers promise it’s coming soon. In my case, it can’t come soon enough. I’m dying to give it a shot.

Via: Android Police

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