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Android Hot Topics: Droid Fighter, HTC One X release dates, Samsung Galaxy S III


We post several hundred Android related stories every month, but the reality is that only a few of them generate the majority of the buzz. It is easy to pick out the trends each week to see what things people are searching for and which stories are getting the most engagement, so I figured we would start recapping the hottest topics every Thursday. This week we focus on the three most popular upcoming phones.

Motorola Droid Fighter

This week the Droid Fighter saw a jump in search traffic when the first image of the device leaked out. We already knew it was coming to Verizon around April 12, but now we can confirm it will be made by Motorola. Rumored specs of the device include a 4.6 inch HD display and a 3300 mAh battery.

Some found it odd that Verizon would release another Motorola Droid phone so soon after the Droid RAZR MAXX, but we don’t know when it will actually show up in stores. The April date could be some internal testing or training, and we might not see it until May.

Hopefully Motorola will take the opportunity to use the new dual-core 1.8 GHz OMAP4470 that features the faster PowerVR SGX544 GPU. NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 are getting all the hype recently, but this latest OMAP chip should be competitive across the board and could have the fastest graphics performance.

Motorola and Intel also announced a multi-year, multi-device partnership, so there’s a long shot that the Droid Fighter could feature an Intel Atom processor. We already saw a leak of a concept device, but no further details have been provided since.

HTC One X release dates

This week we learned that Sprint and HTC are holding a special press event in NYC on April 4th. They didn’t say which device they would announce, but everyone thinks it will be their version of the One X, codenamde HTC Jet. Sprint’s rumored target launch date is still June.

AT&T already confirmed they would carry the HTC One X, but they have released no information on pricing or release date. We might have to wait until CTIA in May for more information.

T-Mobile is also still rumored to get the HTC One X as the T-Mobile G4X, but we don’t know when they will announce it. The last we heard, the device was 75% done with internal testing.

Looking overseas, it appears the HTC One X is scheduled to launch in early April in several countries. Our friend Todd Haselton of TechnoBuffalo posted a leaked document which shows O2 will launch the device on April 5th. HTC France is also hosting a party on April 5th, so we should learn more specifics about the launch in the coming weeks.

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Another day. Another leak. This time Daniel P. of PhoneArena posted a leaked picture of the Samsung GT-I9300. Rumors have suggested that the GT-I9300 might become the Galaxy S III, but we don’t know for sure. We have also seen the model numbers GT-I9500 and GT-I9800 appear online, which could end up as the Galaxy S III.

The latest leak this week once again suggested that Samsung could announce the successor to the Galaxy S II sometime in April. This information comes from a Samsung executive in China, and we know how these details always get lost in translation. We still think that late Q2, like June, is a more likely timetable for the official availability.

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