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AT&T Galaxy Note hacked to work on T-Mobile HSPA+


When the Android community puts their minds to something, it gets done. Putting Android on devices that don’t support the OS (like the HP TouchPad)? Done. Getting updates out to unsupported devices (that supposedly can’t run the latest versions of Android), and beating manufacturers to the punch with devices that are supported? Double done. Getting a carrier branded device like the AT&T Galaxy Note to properly function on T-Mobile, with HSPA+ to boot? Piece of cake.

Over on the XDA forums, a bounty was posted just over two weeks ago in hopes of tempting a developer to put some time into finding a way to get the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note functioning on T-Mobile. Yesterday, that bounty was claimed.

XDA user tomin.fhl has posted the necessary files to get an unlocked and rooted Galaxy Note up and running on T-Mobile HSPA+. After a bit of trial and error, tomin.fhl found that a simple modem flash will get the Note working without error on T-Mobile’s network. Other developers have been close, but this is the first time everything has been in working order. According to tomin.fhl’s post about the hack on XDA, signal strength is weak, but calling and data work without freezes or random reboots.

Rooting and hacking your device can be tricky, and should only be attempted once you have fully researched everything associated with the process, but if you’d like more info on where to get started to make your AT&T Galaxy Note T-Mobile compatible, head on over to XDA now.

Does anyone out there plan on giving this a shot? Let us know how it works in the comments below.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: XDA

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